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Fierce RC Videos featuring nitro RC cars and trucks doing insane jumps at SS RC Racing's Infamous Test Facility!

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   We hope you enjoy our RC video selection.

Traxxas Nitro Rustler Practice Sessions

Nitro Rustler - Method Air!

Bomb Air!

Practice Lap

Night Session at the SS RC Facility

This is what happens when you run at night!
You gotta love runnin' nitro in the dark! "Check out those headlights!"

Night Session #2

"Check out those brake lights!"
I guess there isn't enough daylight and we just can't get enough nitro RC action...

RC video (over 200mph!)- click to view
file size: 2.5(mb)
200 MPH Tether Car!
  This is Fierce Nitro RC Action! These are the world's fastest model cars with top speeds well over 200 mph. These tether cars are the forefathers of radio control cars, traveling around a track that's over 200 feet in a little more than six-tenths of a second. It equals roughly 90 Gs of lateral acceleration, pulling well over 600 pounds of tension on the wire that guides these missiles. Compliments of: www.RadioControlZone.com

*More RC Videos coming soon!

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