Today, people make money in new ways. Virtual market possibilities are tremendous. Virtual environment became a space to grow and develop businesses.

People invest in virtual assets, companies and projects. It is a ghost market which becomes stronger each day. It became a fully independent business environment that generates new offerings.

Top Initial Coin Offerings for your investment

One of the novelties virtual market place developed is Initial Coin Offering. It is a unique modern way of investment. Here are some main features of it:

  • An investor should invest in business project that he perceives as a profitable one. He can choose between many virtually initiated startups.
  • An investor gets full refund in case a business idea is not implemented successfully. It is one of the most attractive features of ICO investments.
  • If a startup works, an investor becomes sort of a shareholder. However, he has far more influence on business development than a regular shareholder of a corporation.

These features make ICO investments attractive. Initial coin offering is a recent phenomenon but it proved to bring profits. Here are the best ICON projects of 2018:

  • Rentberry. It is a startup that focuses on the rental issues on market. If this project gets launched, it will resolve a problem of concluding renting agreements. It will also automatize the overall process of rent payment execution. It is one of the most promising startups.
  • Feelium. It is a cool business initiative to invest in. This startup focuses on issues of performing virtual financial transactions. It aims to introduce smart contracts that will facilitate buying and selling with cryptocurrency. This startup promises to establish a deeper trust between a buyer and a seller on a virtual market.
  • Expert. It is an innovative startup that will substitute modern outsourcing companies. This project aims to directly connect individuals or companies with the right professionals in an industry. There will no be third parties involved. It is a startup with good chances to succeed.
  • NAU. This startup aims to resolve basic logistics and distribution problems individuals and companies face. This project will facilitate communication between retailers and customers. This will greatly optimise costs for businesses.
  • Trippki. It is a platform that aims to restore loyalty of clients in tourism industry. It tends to facilitate the process of hotel rooms booking. It will also help to arrange trips abroad in a more efficient way. Trippy aims to create better reward programs. It will attract more clients.
  • Bank Account Based Blockchain. It is a startup for people who wants to monetise business of finance. This project aims to aggregate bank accounts in Great Britain. It facilitates online payments a lot.
  • Scorum. It is one of the most popular virtual companies among the sports lovers. It enables a person to earn on right forecasting. Everyone who is a real fan of sports can also get credit for photos and videos from sports events.

These are the most innovative ICO in 2018. These are reliable projects to invest in. Try your luck.

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